NASA 2011 Championships

Subject: Ron's Racing Moments at the 2011 NASA Nationals

Ron competed in the National Auto Sport Association’s (NASA) 2011 National event September 7-11, 2011. Below are a number of links to various video, including TV coverage of the event.

I raced in 2 groups: Group “C” Honda Challenge (all Hondas/Acura) and Group “J” Performance Touring (wide variety of cars including Supercharged Miatas, Civic/ Integra, GM V6 powered Mazda RX7s, BMWs, etc).

Performance Touring is my primary group but I was running on Honda Challenge as well because of the contingencies that Honda was providing (covering entry fees, premium parking, catered lunches, etc), that and I drive a Honda, well Acura but who is keeping track. I did not take part of the Honda practice or Qualifying and lined up in last place for each race. I still managed to qualify mid-pack for the championship race and I still lined up in last place (it was part of my overall plan for the week).

Playback of the live coverage from the races:

-          Performance Touring:   

o   I qualified on the outside pole. There is good coverage of me making my move from 5th to 3rd @26:30 after hitting the wall and running off track (which can be see in later links).

 -       Honda Challenge:

o   I qualified in 12th but placed myself in last due to questionable axles for the standing start. Glad I did as the car in 13th (who took my 12th place) was wrecked HARD at about the 6:25 mark on the opening lap. I eventually retired early from the race as I was having vibration issues (axle related) and still had my primary Performance touring race later that afternoon.

Interview after the race:

-          Performance Touring:

o   So much for editing... it took us 3 takes to get going, sort of assumed the first 2 would, well, you know... been edited out)

In Car footage from the races: For those that know me, know that there are usually “comical” moments. This week didn’t disappoint.

-          Performance Touring Friday Qualifying Race:

o   I was using a wide angle GoPro but the focal point seemed to be in the car, so outside the windshield is really 'white'. I tried another spot in practice and it still wasn't very good, so for the championship races I ran the wide angle in the rear and my normal setup in the front. I had my GPS data acquisition display unit fall off my dash and was underneath my pedals (clutch, brake, gas) which made for some challenging moments, see if you can find one J

-          Performance Touring Championship Race:

-          Honda Challenge Championship Race:



-          Hitting the wall in the PT Championship Race:

o    Click 'next' to see the sequence

o   I am Group “C” and Group “J” if you go back up to the main page and I am the Blue (or green) and Black #272 Acura Integra.



I want to thank all the individuals that helped me make it to the 2011 NASA Nationals this year:
  • Rudy Orawiec
  • Keith Orawiec
  • Mark Andy
  • Ethan Connor
  • Tom Petrosky
  • Ken Gillette
  • Mike Occhipinti
  • Vince's Automotive
  • Patrick Smith
  • Sam Myers and Myer's Motorsports

My plan this year was to make a run for for the National NASA Performance Touring "D" Championship. Unfortunately, as some of you know, I blew a freshly built motor after only 9 laps and was forced to buy yet another motor. Sadly, this set back has caused me to risk entirely missing the Championship Race.

I am confident that the car and driver are capable:
- Reigning 2010 PTD Champion for Great Lakes
- Nationals is on my "home" track (Mid-Ohio)
- Recorded multiple wins at Mid-Ohio (in both wet and dry conditions)

If you are able to make a donation, I will put your a decal with your name on the car. In addition to PTD, I am running in the Honda Performance Development (HPD) Honda Challenge race that will be Nationally televised, so this is your chance to get your name on TV (well, sort of).

Sponsor Here:
Thank you for your support. Sponsorship is currently closed.

Packages Available:
Your Name Here (4"x1"): $10 and up
Random Phrase/Saying on Door/Rear Quarter (6"x2"): $20 and up
Random Phrase/Saying on hood (10"x3"): $50 and up
Your Company Name (or Logo) Here on side of car: $50 and up
Your Company Name (or Logo) Here on hood: $100 and up
Run the car at a BeaveRun Flat Out Day: $200 and up

Phrase Restrictions:
- Non-vulgar
- Non-insulting to competitors
- Non-insulting/conflicting to NASA, Honda/Acura and Contingency sponsors

Important Note:

Should I actually collect anything 'above and beyond' my goal, the remaining proceeds will be donated to Morgan McLane's "Fast Track to a Cure of Huntington's Disease" fund.