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Summer Time Racing's 2013 Season

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Summer Time Racing's 2012 Season
October 29, 2012 - PRK Great Pumpkin Race:

Wow. Long wet and cold weekend at the Great Pumpkin race. Even with the weather the STR crew had a fun weekend. After the disappointment of the regular season race, STR stocked up on rain tires and wheels. The came in handy as the kids were only able to manage one dry season each the whole weekend.

Summer Time Racing sponsored a ride for the 60 minute Clone Enduro. Despite fuel pickup issues, resulting in the kart needing to be pushed across the track and refueled, the drivers managed to bring it home in 4th place. Ron teamed up with Mark Frank and drove Mark's kart to a 3rd place finish.

  • Reagan getting his Kid Kart Trophy

  • The Rookie Sportsman Class getting their Trophies. From Left to Right: Summer (3rd), Justin (2nd) and Logan (1st)-

  • Mark Frank and Ron after being the only two lunatics (hard to imagine with all the crazies that run Clones) to compete in both days of the Great Pumpkin take home top honors in Clone Lite (Mark) Clone Heavy (Ron)

October 8, 2012 - The Results
Summer came in 2nd in Rookie Sportsman, Reagan finished in 8th place in Kid Karts (three points behind seventh), even though he only ran 9 events. Ron came in 4th in Clone Heavy.

Link to Season Points:

Thanks Dan Schlosser and Pitt Race Karting for another great season

October 7, 2012:
Blechkch... glad to crack open a cold one after today. Kids had fun and overall it was a great year. I had to hold up my end and sit out the last race of the season as us only having one set of rains and back-to-back races had me watching from the fence.

September 30, 2012:
Came across this - Summer was ranked #7 in 2011 for East Conference Kid Karters:

August 29, 2012:
Here is a video of Summer taking the lead from the outside pole and holding it for the first two laps before giving it up to an out-of-class Cadet kart. She handily won her Rookie Sportsman race.

August 13, 2012:
I'm screwed.
Were to start? Reagan. Beast. In trying to not be a 'proud papa' I will use his words as I tried to get him ready for his heat race: <visor open with little eyes peering up> "Dad, I got this."

I gave him no other pointers other than have fun and drive hard. He went from next to last to 2nd from the start to T3 and held 2nd until the very last turn when he slowed, almost to come in the pits and then lost the drag race to the finish line by 1/2 a kart. And that included getting body slammed in T1 and not lifting or giving up the spot.

July 23, 2012:
Weekend of firsts:
- Reagan makes his first race start
- First time we camped at the race track
- First time Reagan had a sleep over (sure it was only a couple of trailers over but still)
- First time Reagan made a pass on the start (and looked good doing it)
- First time "I" actually won a kart race.

June 16, 2012:
Summer Time Racing stepped up and sponsored John Shofner's "Become One" Karting Documentary. Check for us in the credits once the movie is released in 2013.

May 21, 2012:

Summer is having a great battle with Logan Frank in Rookie Sportsman at Pitt Race Karting. The first race she won by .043 secs. In round 2, Logan made a last lap pass in the back to win by .71 secs.

But that's only part of it. Their best lap times for the Heat and Final were .014 and .012 with the edge going to Logan. The biggest delta was in Qualifying where Summer laid generated a 1.042 delta.

He was on her tail the whole race. I told her afterwards, if that were me, I'd have put it in the weeds.

May 12, 2012:
Summer won by about a bumper for her first Rookie Sportsman Race. And, she had fun doing it.

April 12, 2012:
Summer Time Racing is gearing up for a busy 2012. Three drivers across 5 classes and two forms of racing.

The team's namesake, Summer, will be making her debut in the Rookie Sportsman class running her fresh Adkins Speed Center KT100. Summer will be competing in the inaugural Pittsburgh International Raceway Karting series.

Reagan is actively practicing in his kid kart as he anxiously awaits his July 21/22 debut in Kid Karts just a day after his 5th birthday.

Team owner, Ron, has created a partnership between Summer Time Racing and Patrick Smith, of Voodie Racing, in the NASA Great Lakes Performance Touring and Time Trails programs. "Team TBR" will be preparing two cars in preparation for the NASA Nationals in September.

In addition, Ron will be competing in the PRK Clones karting class for 2012.